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I recommend Vibiana Wedding Venue to you all who are wanting to have their weddings as one-of-a-kind and be the talk of the town. Vibiana is really an amazing place to be a wedding venue. The staff is all friendly and professional. The owners are indeed caring. Daniel and Amy are the best! They show their competence and concern for their clients even after the wedding as they make sure you are satisfied with their services. They even give advice on the newlywed couples like us. Thank you so much for all the people behind our memorable wedding event held at Vibiana Wedding Venue.


We thank the owners and the rest of the staff of Vibiana for the wonderful job they’ve done on our wedding last week. They’ve been very professional, prompt and hands-on throughout the wedding preparation up to the final process. To be honest, we really don’t have any idea about preparing the wedding, we don’t know who to contact until a friend recommended Vibiana to us. We let them manage the planning and preparation that’s why we have no stressed and worries about it. We are so satisfied with the results. Again, thank you so much owners Daniel and Amy and the company’s employees. God bless you all and more power!


What amazing services they have! Thank you so much Vibiana, I am glad that you are the one we chose to plan and coordinate our wedding. We were blessed to have you. Vibiana has great employees and owners. We highly recommend this company to all the couples out there which are planning to get married. You will never go wrong with Vibiana.